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Delayed arrival at the Inspiration Station
Brought to you by the three J’s.

1. Yoo Wana Nowat Iyee Didd From God’s Mouth to You Ears – J Bennett

I was browsing through some animations on Vimeo tonight and came across these two animations from animator Joseph Bennett who’s process is is one in which he collects audio pieces for inspiration and creates animations from them. I found this really interesting and I’m tempted to see if I can work this into my own project somehow. 

It sounds like a great wat to create some images and memories of Bournemouth- either from audio I collect from my family and friends or old video footage from different moments in my life. This idea was also inspired by a few videos we were introduced to at the lecture today, one of which was by Jonas Mekas.

3. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty- Paradise  – J Mekas

I really liked this particular video. The video had a nostalgic atmosphere to it that I loved, and the commentary suited it well too. Visuals, colour- even the quickened speed added to the piece, and it worked really well. The speed of the moving images pieces shown during the lecture today was something often tempered with, either sped up or slowed for effect. 

4. Feeling My Way – J Hodgson

Last, but most certainly not least, is an animation by Jonathan Hodgson called Feeling My Way. A different style- much more experimental, expressive and, without a doubt, down my street.

Whether I go down the animation root or try transferring these ideas into still imagery is still up for debate.


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