Zine Workshop

n k w I'm scared
Paper cutting, charcoal, ink, brush pen, fineliner.

The comic above is the flat spread of the zine I made last week, called “I’m scared”.

I really enjoyed the zine workshop we had! It was my first time creating a zine, and it was both interesting and motivational working in this format. I worked from 10 am until 5 and something small like this wasn’t too daunting for me, but it was still a challenge that I loved working towards. I could see the end of it and that was both inspiring and incredibly helpful for me. It seems small, but I’m very proud of myself for completing it.


I did a lot of paper cutting. It’s a fun, though frustrating, technique but it worked really well with this mini project of mine. I’d like to work with it more too.

Everyone of the images that feature in the zine and the script itself is inspired by doodles and sketches from the two casual sketchbooks I carry around from now and then that I happened to be holding that day. I’ve been watching a lot of Archer (American adult animated series), and it’s got a great script where cuts into different situations tend to still relate to each other as if the scene was continuing. This idea inspired what I produced; my initial issue when the workshop began was that I had no idea what to make it about. I made a rough sketch plan the night before when I found out I was going to do the project:

But on the day it was nice to do something new and creative that I could have a lot of fun with. I looked through both sketchbooks picking images that I really liked, most of which had little captions. I noted them down and rearranged them to sound vaguely like a coherent back and forth conversation, and the images mostly happened to work too. A few I altered, but they are pretty much as they were doodled, revamped with backgrounds.

Take a look.

n k w I'm scared 2n k w I'm scared 3n k w I'm scared 4n k w I'm scared 5n k w I'm scared 2 And so it continues! I think it’s fairly successful in that sense.

IMG_20151202_203843 (1).jpg



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