Artistic Reference (Vis.Thinks)

In the unit brief, with each question a direction to head towards where research is concerned was offered. I looked into each of the artists and also a couple more. Some images I found particularly interesting can be found in the  Visual Thinking Artists PDF linked.

I liked Chris Campe’s illustrations (examples on pages 1 and 2) from the moment I laid eyes on them, so I’m going to have to go into a little more detail about her work on another post.

Barbara Krueger (page 3) I am already familiar with. I looked into her work a few years ago and I like what she does with her images, but as I was looking through her work something relating to the project question (Modern media only represents a limited spectrum of gender, age, class and race. To what extent it this true within contemporary practices?) came to mind, and it’s something that has been returning to my thoughts more and more of late. Whilst sifting through the many works of Krueger, I failed to see many people of colour, if at all I saw one, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

all that white shi.png

I plan on exploring this a lot more in the future.

I loved Olivier Kugler’s reportage illustrations (pages 4 to 7). I’m not sure how yet to apply his style to my own work, but I’d definitely like to try some experiments in that way. I really love the way he works with colour, composition and text.

olivieroli ku

It all seems rather an eclectic layout and an immediate sense – there’s a playful attitude to this kind of recording of events, and a truth and/or reality to it that I find very attractive. I went on to look for more reportage illustrators.

George Butler’s work uses colour sparingly – and effectively- and has a wonderful way with negative space. (Available on page 8.)limbclinic-18-16

The same goes for Lucinda Rodgers.


Last, but not least, in one of my efforts to gain more of an understanding of reportage, I searched and happened upon this video of Tim King and his drawings of London. He’s a very talented designer and creator of reportage, and his site is full of interesting ways to experiment with creation as an illustrator- but, for now…




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