Stereotyping Black: Let’s Talk About That

I was on Tapastic reading a new comic the other day, called Blue Cat Cafe. It was an easy read to pass the time and I was scrolling down, skimming though, not thinking too hard when I came across the following panels;

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 15.45.38.pngThis image does not belong to me, but to the creator of Blue Cat Cafe.

When I read it, it made me sit up for a moment. I asked myself what was particularly gangster about the character. Nothing struck out particularly- tattoos aren’t unique to the label, the chain is singular and rather too light (in weight) to be considered. It seemed to me that the main reason he’d been announced as such was because he looked either black or Latino- a person of colour.
I may be being overly picky about this, but it was something that got me thinking about stereotypes- and also about this project. Where is our representation of people of colour right now?




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