Ehikhamenor & Hancock

What I’d ideally like to achieve from this project is creating images in the zine/book that include people of colour, as I’ve come to the conclusion that the main issue in media’s representation of race is that there isn’t enough of one. Wherever one looks, they are met with images of western beauty, western culture, western ideals. The playing fields need to be balanced a little. I found two illustrators of colour with works I find very visually interesting (and works that include people of colour too).



“The Flower of a Girl” – V. E.

Victor Ehikhamenor is a Nigerian award-winning visual artist, writer and photographer, influenced by African motifs and religion.

“Of Religion and Politics” – V.E.

I love the texture in his pieces. The simplicity “Of Religion and Politics” is visually effective/aesthetically pleasing, the partially limited palette working with the bold lines and uncomplicated features. the majority of Ehikhamenor’s works tend to be filled with busy foreground characters and even busier backgrounds, built out of pattern and shape and containing a very limited palette, made mostly of black and white. This tends to make his images very striking.

“Home Sweet Home” – V.E.
“Eye Love You” – V.E.

More of V. Ehikhamenor’s work.


“A New Creature” – crop, T.D.H.

Trenton Doyle Hancock is an American multi-disciplinary artist whose highly complex, colourful works often follow a narrative of good and evil and are filled with larger than life characters and imaginary worlds. Hancock utilises symbolism in his pieces,which are influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Bible stories on occasion. [Reference]

“Esther”, 2002, Acrylic on paper – T.D.H
“Bye and Bye”, 2002, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas – T.D.H


“Studio Floor Encounter with Vegans 2”, 2002, Graphite and acrylic on canvas – T.D.H.

What I like the most about the work above, Studio Floor Encounter with Vegans 2 is what Hancock says about the work“Torpedoboy is the protagonist, and we are taken step by step through his adventure. I’d been drawing Torpedoboy for several years and his face was kind of nondescript. Then, it was as if all of sudden things came into focus. I was suddenly okay with letting people know who Torpedoboy actually was. He looks like me, he is me.”

A nondescript face leaves more room for viewers to identify with the protagonist, but the artist himself refraining from hiding that he is the character gives strength to others in a way too.

“The Former and the Ladder or Ascension and a Cinchin'”, 2012, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas – T.D.H
“Faster”- T.D.H



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