Tailoring Gorilla Suit

gosu 02 text

gosu 03gosu 04 dude

Unit 3’s Alternative World project, Gorilla Suit, has taken a turn for the traditional after a mishap concerning a broken tablet/pen but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and this one has turned out pretty great.

Meet the new and improved Gorilla Suit #1;

GoSu Page 1It’s had to undergo more that a few tweaks to the script, but unlike usual, the altering process was painless.
The secret is no planning.

I kid only a little, but perhaps I’m simplifying things a little too much here.
After realising I had no tablet to finish the project with, I decided to make ‘plan’ of what I’d do with the script when I managed to get my hands on one at a later point with traditional materials. Ink. It did a perfect job- the mood and atmosphere that it very successfully creates goes hand in hand with story being told. A feeling not at all coming across in my digital work. But this so-called plan didn’t necessarily follow one. I had the original script as reference but had found during the creating of the digital images that the  script was difficult to illustrate in an interesting way if I kept everything as straightforward as I’d originally been planning to in my sketchbook mock-ups. This paper and ink ‘plan’, which only followed the script loosely and with which I allowed myself to have a lot more fun, ended up being athe preferable option.

I ended up wanting to focus more on the gorilla himself this time around, so not only is he mostly narrating, he is illustrated on most every page.

I’m not entirely sure if the readability is quite where it should be, but I think the composition on page 2 (left) is interesting, and the position of the gorilla heading page 3 (right) balances the hand. The pages being created on black paper also makes the story work a lot better than the white I’d been drawing them on previously.

I would like to print them in a book once I’ve finished zine #2 (& a possible #3), but for now;


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