Tying loose ends

GoSu was finished last night! 16 page saddle stitch booklet, complete with colourful thread, tried and tested and hopefully good enough.

A few finishing touches were made in the way of correction via Photoshop to zines #1 and #2, then it was organized through InDesign (which caused only a minor headache) and then printed as a single booklet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make changes to some drawings (for character continuity purposes as advised), but I think the digital text (using my handwriting & MyScriptFont) works well with the comic styling and genre, though (also as advised) I tried a different font (below, left). This particular page looked great with the simpler font, but it didn’t match the rest overall. I also took out the last panel on the left Page 15 as feedback suggested what it was wasn’t clear.


I’m fairly satisfied and entirely proud of my accomplishment – for once.
It feels good.


Gorilla Suit pages 1, 9, 12 & 13


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