Convergence; Divergence; Stuck

final animation | STUCK

‘Stuck’ is an experimental animation featuring illustrations representing depression and anxiety.

Music; Four Tet- ‘For These Times‘, Randoms Album

Title - Stuck Blue 1

‘Stuck’ animation. Click to watch.

The series of Gifs and animations named ‘Stuck’ that you see above and below address a stagnant mental state and the struggle to defy/rise from it.

I first started thinking about the idea due to an on-going creative block. Ideas were coming from all ends, allowing me at least to fulfil the Divergence part of things;

diverge (v)          to turn aside or deviate, as from a path, practice, or plan.

At the same time, I felt like I was stuck in a loop, creating new ideas but unable to develop them further.  This lead me to drawing a series of characters silhouetted in a way that looked as hopeless as I was feeling (Below; The Cycle).

building people cycle of life.png
The Cycle
Stuck - in the Cycle
The Cycle (gif.)

I liked the repeating cycle in loop form, and the forlorn composure of the characters’ bodies. I began to think of them as the ideas themselves, and I placed them in their own individual houses; their restraints, their cages. They were stuck, and they wanted out, but were unsure of how to escape.

In House line up
Sketchbook page; building people.









I had wanted to create a loose narrative of a character (perhaps representing myself) on a journey towards inspiration, where they eventually free themselves and all the other ideas stuck in their houses (sketchbooks, whatever), when another leap was made.

The animations featured above became about depression, anxiety and the physical and mental disability/paralysis that comes with it. They are stuck, constrained by their surroundings in the illustrations, but considering the sizing of the characters, their restrictions are more metaphorical and mental than anything else. In some of the gifs I animated the characters’s eyes opening as I wanted it to be clear that he is alive and aware–just dormant.

The spinning Gifs (as shown below with Mellow Yellow) represent the repetitive cycle of the situation. Similarly, no matter the setting (colours or buildings alike), the spiral into depression continues.

Featured in the ending animation is also the spiralling Gifs multiplying. This shows the mounting thoughts and anxieties that build – especially at night when sleep is most desired.

‘Stuck’ animation


Previous Ideas;

Scenes with various parts moving.
(Traditionally drawn using a lightbox and each layer drawn on separate pieces of paper.)

In the Park.gif
Scenes; In The Park

Stones; stop motion/3D and digital.

Rock gif Full.gif
Stones; Making Friends
Stoned 02.png
Stones; You’re Weird
Stones; Making Enemies Tester

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